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Advertising and Link Exchange


Option 1.Text Link Ad

 If you wish to "lock-in" a particular rank on all 100 pages in a Directory for 12 months, 
the annual pre-paid cost is as follows: 
Position: 1...............email us
Position: 2...............email us
Position: 3...............email us

Pages will be limited to 3 paid listings.
Paying advertisers replace affiliate partner links.

Please email us if you wish to discuss advertising.

Option 2. Banner Ad
best wireless alarm system

Your banner on top of all 100 pages in any directory for 12 months ...email us

Please email us if you wish to purchase an ad or exchange links.

Option 3. Top of Page Tool Bar Ad

     A. The premier advertising product at spy-gadgets.com!
     B. Your generic link goes on the top of every page in  every directory to ensure maximum exposure.
    C. The limit is 8 links and 2 rows across.

This is the "Top of Page Tool Bar":

Advertising | Link Exchange | Spy-Gadgets.com | Computer Books | "YOUR LINK" | Home

Generic link on the top of every page in every directory for 12 months ... email us

Please email me if you wish to purchase advertising.

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Option 4. "Under your Banner" Tool Bar Ad

     A. Your "Brand-Specific" links in the form of a toolbar are placed under your banner ad all 100 pages in any sub-directory, and link to specific pages on your site.

      B. The limit is 5 links across.

This is an example of a Banner Ad with an 
"Under your Banner" Tool Bar Ad
Net Detective - Search public records, find anything about anyone!
court records public records background check social security

Brand-Specific toolbar on the top of every page in a directory for 12 months ... email us

Please email me if you wish to purchase advertising.

5. Link Exchange...
click here for a list of our current link partners.
 Please email me the url where you have placed the spy-gadgets.com
text or banner link, and I will promptly add your link to our directory.

Don't forget to include the description of your site that you wish to include, 
as well as the page on which you would like to be included.

Code for spy-gadgets.com text link...
<i><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font size=+3><a href="http://www.spy-gadgets.com"><font color="#FF0000">Spy-</font><font color="#000066">Gadgets.com</font>.com</a></font></font></i>
<br><font face="Arial,Helvetica"><font color="#000066">...the world's most
comprehensive spy software and hardware link directory</font></font>

Code for spy-gadgets.com banner link...
<a href="http://www.spy-gadgets.com"><img SRC="http://www.spy-gadgets.com/shop14.jpg" BORDER=0</a>

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