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Evidence Eliminator Privacy Software
The World's #1 PC Security Utility
Featured in the Times of London, 3rd December 2004

Evidence Eliminator anti-spyware software
     Evidence-Eliminator anti-spyware software reviewed on ZDNET TV / ZDTV

Evidence Eliminator Privacy Software

The World's #1 PC Security Utility

Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!

Did you know... that your computer is spying on you? Did you know for example that every click you make is logged and stored permanently on a hidden encrypted database within your own computer?

You're in Serious Trouble - It's a Proven Fact!

Deleting "Internet Cache and History" will NOT protect you because

any of the Web Pages, Confidential Documents, Pictures, E-mail, Chat Logs, Banking & Credit Card Details, Movies, Videos, Sounds and Everything Else you see or do could easily be recovered to Haunt you forever!

How would you feel if a snoop made this information public to your Spouse, Mother & Father, Neighbours, Children, Boss or the Media?

Would you feel confident taking your pc into a store for an upgrade for example, knowing that this information is on your PC's hard disk? ..... It could easily Ruin Your Life! .....

Solve all your problems and enjoy all the benefits of an "As New PC", Evidence Eliminator can Speed-Up your PC/Internet Browser, reclaim Hard Disk space and Professionally Clean your PC in one easy mouse click!

Shortcuts: Download Evidence Eliminator Software Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!

How private is your PC data?

Thanks to the proliferation of Internet worms and hardware and software spying tools, the erosion of loyalty between corporations and their employees, and the 9/11 disaster (which has caused many to value security over privacy and civil rights), the likelihood is greater than ever that your computer is reporting your every move to a suspicious spouse, a government agency, an employer, or the entire world. We provide the most prevalent anti spying software and explain how it can be used to erase all unwanted data.

Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!
  Regular Price: $149.95
Now, only:
$134.95 with 30 Day money back Guarantee

Evidence Eliminator Privacy Software --
The World's #1 PC Security Utility is

Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!
Click here to download

Evidence Eliminator Provides

  • Internet Security
  • Computer Security
  • Delete Internet History
  • Eliminate secret data
  • hard disk cleaner
  • Privacy Protection
  • Erase cache and cookies
  • Cover your internet tracks
  • Speed-up internet connection

............... and much more

You are being watched... how about your Boss? Do you surf the internet and send E-mail at work? Your work PC will be full of evidence. It is becoming common in the workplace for companies to copy and investigate the contents of workers computers out of hours - without your consent or knowledge. This is perfectly legal and it is happening now! Your job could be at risk, what would happen to you if you lost your job? People like you are losing their jobs right now because of their Internet activities in America and the UK. According to an APBNews report, 73.5% of all companies admit they "record and review their employees' communications and activities on the job."

There is no need for you to play Russian roulette with your job, family, car, property and everything else that depends on it! Act now! We can help, Evidence Eliminator™ can protect you from the dangers of the Internet!

Easy to use... Evidence Eliminator™ is the essential one-click user-friendly technology for the security-conscious surfer. If you use just one program on your PC - make it Evidence Eliminator™ before it's too late!



False advertising has duped many consumers into buying cheap worthless imitation Computer Cleaning Software - "disk-washer-erasers" that do not work - you might as well "throw your money away". If you have recently been the victim of a scam by one of these fly-by-night outfits you are strongly urged to "get your money back as quickly as possible, and not to use the Software under any circumstances because it could even damage your hard disk! If you take risks you could damage your computer and go to jail!" Don't get conned - make sure you accept only the Trusted Authentic, Original Evidence Eliminator ™ and be sure you are both 100% Safe and Secure!

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Get your Original Evidence Eliminator Software Here



*** Did you know... that the government and police are installing black boxes in ISPs to record your Internet surfing and downloads for evidence? *** Defend yourself! Make your Internet access safer. Get yourself a truly clean and faster "Like New" PC with Evidence Eliminator!

Key Features of Evidence Eliminator ™

Evidence Eliminator ™ destroys in one click:

  • Windows SWAP file

  • Windows Application logs

  • Windows Temporary Files

  • Windows Recycle Bin

  • Windows Registry Backups

  • Windows Clipboard Data

  • Start Menu Recent Documents history

  • Start Menu Run history

  • Start Menu Find Files History

  • Start Menu Find Computer History

  • Start Menu Order Data

  • Start Menu Click History

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer temporary typed URLs, index files, cache and history

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer AutoComplete memory of form posts and passwords

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 5 and above)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet components (Selective keeping of components)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Folder memory

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites List

  • Microsoft Outlook Express v5+ database of (Selective keeping of mail and news groups)

  • Windows Media Player History

  • Windows Media Player PlayLists in Media Library

  • America OnLine Instant Messenger contacts

  • Netscape Navigator temporary typed URLs, files, cache and history.

  • Netscape Navigator Cookies (Selective cookie keeping for versions 4 and above)

  • Netscape Mail v4+ sent and deleted e-mails

  • Netscape Mail hidden files

  • Customizable lists of files and folders, with or without their contents

  • Customizable scan lists of file types in specific folders

  • Customizable scan lists of file types on all drives

  • Deleted filenames, sizes and attributes from drive directory structures

  • Free cluster space ("Slack") from all file tips

  • Magnetic remenance from underneath existing files/folders

  • All free unallocated space on all hard drives

  • Evidence of activity in many other programs, using Plug-In modules

  • Slack space and deleted entries in the Windows registry

  • Created and modified dates and times on all files and folders

  • Windows Registry Streams

  • Common Dialog load/save location history

  • Instant secure deletes of Windows registry data (NT4/2000/XP)

Evidence Eliminator ™ provides many unique user benefits:

  • A top-quality, professional program

  • It can speed up your PC by a significant amount

  • A simple easy user interface

  • Auto-configuration of popular locations where evidence is stored

  • "Stealth Mode" provides invisible operations

  • "Safety Check" feature to protect new users

  • You only have to set-up the program once

  • Just press one button for total security every day

  • Secure deletion processes similar to US Government Military standards

  • Elimination of sensitive files and data - even if locked by the Windows operating system

  • Full Windows Explorer integration (right click on files and choose Evidence Eliminator™ from the pop-up menu)

  • Hot-Key recycle bin protection (Press CTRL-DEL to secure the Recycle Bin)

  • Auto-start with Windows for immediate response

  • Auto power-off when completed on ATX/APM powered PC's

  • All major functions available direct from convenient system tray icon

  • Interception and securing of standard Windows shutdowns and restarts (Win 95/98)

  • Command-line options for task schedulers

  • Detailed logging of all operations with option for daily logging

  • "Test Mode" facilitates easy diagnosis and logging of any drive irregularities

  • "Quick Mode" runs most functions quickly, in about a minute

  • Windows 2000 users supported

  • Windows XP users supported

  • Windows Millennium users supported

  • Secures FAT, FAT32 and NTFS drives

  • Numerous security and safety tests as it runs

  • Automatic over-ride of system screensavers

  • Frequent upgrades and technical support to keep up to date with the latest operating systems, browsers and technologies

  • We are so confident that you will want Evidence Eliminator ™ protecting you and your interests we can give you a Limited Time Special Offer DISCOUNT! Order and download Evidence Eliminator ™ software now and we will also include free lifetime Technical Support and free extremely valuable lifetime Upgrades! There is no risk, you are protected by our 30 day money-back guarantee. Start to enjoy the benefits of a truly clean and faster "Like New" PC! Download today with no risk, guaranteed. This incredible Limited Time Special Offer is guaranteed for today only and may be cancelled at any time! Buy Now!


Evidence Eliminator review in ZDTV / ZDNET

Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!
Download Evidence Eliminator™ software and protect your PC from investigations. Click here to download

  Regular Price: $149.95
Now, only:

$134.95 with 30 Day money back Guarantee

Evidence Eliminator Privacy Software --
The World's #1 PC Security Utility is

Spy Gadgets - Evidence Eliminator - Secure Online Purchase of Ispymail! Instant Download and Delivery NOW!
Click here to download

Testimonials for Evidence Eliminator Anti-Spyware

Just a few of the many letters of thanks we receive daily from satisfied customers around the world:

Seeing Evidence Eliminator going through its comprehensive clean-up made me breathe so much easier. It is still the most worthwhile protection I have ever purchased for the computer. Your team is to be commended for the excellent product, support and upgrading. You haven't abandoned those of us who bought the product in its early stages and continued to use, enjoy and trust Evidence Eliminator. RB, USA

Thank you for making a program that a person of my limited computer knowledge can use and understand... ...makes this something that anyone surfing the net should use. KG, USA

Wow!! That has to be the best online support I have ever had. A real person answered my mail, quickly. Thanks for making such a great product. KS, USA

I just downloaded and installed your product today. I love it! My 200 Mhz machine is noticeably faster and now has an additional 100+ meg of hard disk space available. I just ordered Evidence Eliminator this evening. This beats anything I've seen to date. Please keep up the good work!! RR, USA

...the program you have designed is simply excellent. nothing like it can compare. JG, USA

Great product - you need to get the message across more widely! Anyone with teenage sons knows how likely it is that something unwanted is lurking on the h/d... ...Well - most impressive! Somehow the whole product had a certain 'aura of quality' about it and seemed worth buying... Seems I was right - money well spent! SC, UK

Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for such a GREAT program. Evidence Eliminator does an amazing job of finding and removing things I don't really want to leave on the equipment. I Also want to express my appreciation for the rapid response to my registration...  ...FAST! I am looking forward to the updated version that is supposed to be released soon. Again, Thank you for an excellent product, quick registration, and ease of mind. RB, USA

It appears to be as useful as a system cleaner as it is a security program...
 ...I appreciate your response and follow-up. I've never seen any company follow up as well as you guys have. Thanks again! GB, USA

Evidence-Eliminator is the perfect tool for the casual or frequent internet user that makes purchases online. The safe and secure deletion of files that might possibly store financial information on one's hard drive can be wiped clean without fear of it being used or accessed dishonestly. Overall, an OUTSTANDING program and worth every penny. I will spread the word with my colleagues about this fantastic way to make sure their computers are safe on an everyday basis. JG, USA

Even more amazing, is a software company that has such a positive and rapid trouble shooting team (an all too rare occurrence). I had a response within hours of my last e-mail to you. Congratulations on your professionalism and Customer Services. It is really impressive and appreciated. MM, USA

Until I tried this unique product I had spent several hours each week manually reducing the size of my registry and trying to eliminate the numerous and bloated entries that had accumulated each time I installed software or just spent time on the internet. GC, USA

It's about time that someone created software that performs multiple functions from one source and is user friendly. I can now delete all of the various items that were installed on my computer with the push of a button and let Evidence Eliminator do all of the work. I was running three different types of software and still did not get half of the results that were achieved the first time I used your product.  Thanks, MW, USA

Your courtesy, kindness and prompt responses to my emails is wonderful and all too rare these days. Thanks again, sincerely. NC, USA

This is a great product - it takes care of essential cleanup & important system maintenance with one click. Thanks again. BI, USA

Hi guys.. for starters, I love this program... ...Not only does it give you peace of mind by deleting garbage that could hang around for months, it also keeps my hard drives clean of unwanted files. JC, USA

This is to me THE best software program ever introduced to the public!... ... It has been such a pleasure to use. I am telling my family and friends about your wonderful product... ... I was so impressed by the program I purchased mine as soon as I could. Thank you for not only your product, but also for the most actively involved Technical Support anywhere in cyberspace!! My sincere gratitude to you all. DT, USA

I'm truly amazed that you can provide this sort of quality at the price you charge. Best wishes. JC, USA

Thank you for everything this is the kind of program that I will use forever. RB, USA

Don't miss out! Act now and enjoy the benefits of our unbeatable Limited Time Special Offer!


Purchase Your Copy of Evidence Eliminator Spyware today!

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