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Spy Agent 4.0 FAQ

Please view the frequently asked questions below.  If you cannot find your answer then please use the contact form to contact us with your question.

Q: How do I start using Spy Agent?
A: Simply configure your options (click on the "Options" button) and then click the "Monitor" button. Click "Stop" to stop monitoring - your admin password will be needed each time.

Q: How do I stop stealth mode?
A: Run the nostealth.exe in your Spy Agent installation directory (or click on the "Stop Spy Agent Stealth Mode" item in the Spy Agent menu in the Start-Programs menu).

Q: Who has access to Spy Agent once monitoring?
A: You are the only one that has access to Spy Agent once you install it - unless you give the Spy Agent password to someone else. This allows you to have exclusive access to Spy Agent's logs and options.

Q: Spy Agent crashes whenever I click "Monitor", or when I start up my PC, what is wrong?
A: Some machines have a problem with the Internet Connections logging. You can reinstall Spy Agent to clear the options out again, or manually delete the options file (it is the saopts.dat file in your Windows directory) Then make sure you do not have the "Log all Internet Connections" option checked. This should fix your problem.

Q: Does Spy Agent work on Windows 2000?
A: Yes, Spy Agent can be downloaded and purchased for Windows 2000/NT!

Q: How come I am not receiving the email-delivery logs?
A: Make sure your SMTP host is proper and can handle your sender(from) address. Your best bet is to use the same host you use for your Internet mail (like netscape/outlook explorer). We recommend the default settings with your host set to mail.spytech-web.com and the send from address set to spyagent@spytech-web.com. Also, you may want to try the auto-clear options to reduce log mail size. Sometimes large log files will timeout your mail server causing the mails to be not sent.

Q: Spy Agent Personal delivers my logs with the Email Delivery Test, but not automatically as I have it set!
A: This bug was fixed in Spy Agent Personal build 3.2 and later. If you have a previous version contact us for a free upgrade!

Q: Spy Agent crashes when I try viewing website logs! How do I fix this?
A: A patch was created on June 24th, 2000 to fix this problem. If you are a registered user and have had this problem contact patch@spytech-web.com to receive your new Spy Agent Professional patch to fix this problem. This applies to runtimes created before June 24th, 2000.

Q: I click on "Stop Spy Agent Stealth Mode" but nothing happens!
A: If you click on this and nothing happens, that means Spy Agent is not running in stealth mode. It may be in active mode, but it is not in stealth mode. To bring up the main Spy Agent screen, click on the Spy Agent icon in the task bar (by the time/date).

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