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Is your Boss or Spouse Spying On You ? Have you unknowingly downloaded a program that is sending your personal information across the Internet?

XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Employer Anti-Spying

ANTI-SPY YOUR EMPLOYER? Snoopware was originally designed with the personal customer in mind. Most small companies have adopted the use of snoopware in order to help curb harassment claims. This legitimate use of snoopware hides its more malevolent use: the invasion of your privacy. Your employer can use snoopware to monitor your PC activities throughout the day. Many employers use data gathered by snoopware to gain access to personal information, such as access to your passwords and private email accounts.

There are over 175+ easy to use and undetectable computer activity recording software products available to anyone with no questions asked. Some of these spy products are freeware and can be quickly downloaded and installed on any computer, anywhere, at anytime !

What does this mean to you ?

  • Capture & record every web site you visit
  • Capture & record every email you read or write
  • Capture & record every chat room you enter
  • Capture & record your credit card information
  • Capture & record your banking information
  • Capture & record all your passwords
  • Capture & record everything you type or click on your computer
XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Anti-Spying your wife

ANTI-SPY YOUR WIFE? Has your wife or girlfriend ever asked why you're spending so much time online? Do you have private financial matters that she might be interested in? Have you ever flirted with another woman in a chat room? Does she ever have access to your computer when you're not around? .

But that's not all !

Without your knowledge or permission, many of these software products have the ability to send private information about you to any computer in the world completely silently !

If you bank online, access password protected material, or purchase any product with your credit or debit card while online, your passwords or private banking information can be exposed!

That's right! Everything you do on your computer can be transmitted right now, instantly, to anyone, anywhere !

XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Anti-Spying your husband

ANTI-SPY YOUR HUSBAND? Has hubby been dropping hints that he's curious about what you do when he's at the office? Are you one of those women who use the Internet? Has he ever "joked" that while he's slaving away at the office, you're playing on the Internet instead of doing housework? One software manufacturer boasts that after a husband discovered his wife's affair by the use of their snoopware, he tracked down her lover and severely injured him.

What's the answer?

XCleaner detection and deletion software will search your computer and alert you instantly if your system has been infected by someone covertly installing surveillance spyware !

XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Anti-Spying your co-workers

ANTI-SPY YOUR COWORKERS? Do you work in a highly competitive workplace? Could it benefit your coworkers to know what is on your computer? Do you deal with client- or company-sensitive data? Just how secure is your data? Your coworkers might be looking for information that your employer expects you to keep confidential. Do you want to be the employee who gets accused of betraying your employer's confidence?

Detect and Destroy

When spyware is detected on your system, XCleaner gives you the option of easily removing any suspicious files found. We at Xblock Inc. spent the last two years building a database of every known computer monitoring software program available. Every week we are finding new spyware products to add to XCleaner.

XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Anti-Spying your family

ANTI-SPY YOUR FAMILY? Some parents have been so kind as to provide their adult children with the gift of a computer. The snoopware is just an added benefit for the parents. One woman received a computer from her parents so she could keep up with her studies at college. They installed snoopware so they could keep up on her activities. Her parents read all her email, including the ones in which she wrote to friends about her sex life at college.

Spot the Spy !

Whether you are simply a home user or a Corporation, you can now get protected with X-Cleaner. Rest assured knowing that your personal information, or your company's personal secrets are protected from prying eyes.

XCleaner Anti-Spy Software - Anti-Spying your employees

ANTI-SPY YOUR EMPLOYEES? The abundance of cheap or free snoopware applications put your employees in an ideal position to access confidential company information. One such employee used snoopware on his boss's computer, and gained access to the companys payroll ledger. He then e-mailed it to everyone in the organization, anonymously. Imagine the possibilities, your company's payroll information, tax id, bank accounts, lines of credit, passwords, client lists, intellectual property and so on. All this information is stored on your company's PC. Network protection, passwords, and firewalls are no protection against snoopware.

Where on my PC does information get stored about my internet surfing activities?

Temporary Internet Files (cache)
Internet History
Internet "Autocomplete" List
Recently Run Programs
Recently Opened Documents
Recent File Searches
Windows Clipboard
Windows Recycle Bin
Windows Temporary Directory
Windows Application Log
"Checkdisk" .CHK Files
Windows Media Player Recent File List
Real Player Recent File List
Windows Paint Recent File List
Winzip Recent File List
Winrar Recent File List
Wordpad Recent File List
Adobe Viewer Recent File List
Ms Photo Editor Recent File List
MS Outlook Items Journal
AOL / Compuserve Cache & Cookies
Netscape Cache & Cookies
Opera Cache & Cookies

What Spy software does X-Cleaner protect me from?

Sub Seven Trojan

Spector Pro
Stealth Keyboard Logger
Snapshot Spy
PC Spy
Surf Spy
Ghost Keylogger
PC Activity Monitor
Invisible Keylogger 97
SpyTech SpyAgent
SpyTech Shadow
Remote Control Pc
Boss EveryWare
enFiltrator Blackbox
Inlook Express
Conducent Timesink

And Many More!!!

Your copy of Xcleaner can be instantly updated by a click of your mouse to find any new monitoring software we add to our database. Purchase your copy of X-Cleaner online now via our secure servers, and you can be scanning your system in less than 15 minutes . Also you get One FREE Year of access to our privacy section where you can update your product or obtain freeware at anytime!

Your copy of XCleaner can be instantly updated by a click of your mouse to find any new monitoring software we add to our database. Purchase your copy of XCleaner online now via our secure servers, and you can be scanning your system in less than 15 minutes .


XCleaner Secure Online Purchase and Instant Download of XCleaner!

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